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Zhengzhou Dongfeng Mid-south Enterprise Co., Ltd.

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Venta de ambulancia a buen precio

  • $28000
  • $27500
Payment Type:
L/C,T/T,D/P,Paypal,Money Gram,Western Union
Min. Order:
1 Set/Sets
Delivery Time:
7 Days
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Product Attributes



Tienes equipo medico

Tipo de caja de cambiosAutomático

Viejo y nuevoNuevo

Estándares de emisiónEuro 3, Euro 4


Longitud del cuerpo3 - 8 m

lugar de origenporcelana


Drive Wheel4*4

Supply Ability & Additional Informations




Lugar de origenChina

Capacidad de suministro600sets/month

Certificados ISO


Tipo de PagoL/C,T/T,D/P,Paypal,Money Gram,Western Union


Plazo de entrega7 días

Embalaje y entrega
Unidades de venta:
Tipo de paquete:
A Technical parameters of chassis vehicle
1 wheelbase (mm):3110
2 Overall dimensions (mm):5380×1920×2285(2450, including alarm light)
3 Patient compartment (mm):3200×1750×1650
4 Complete vehicle curb mass:(kg):2002
5 GVW (kg):3400
6 Min. Ground clearance (mm):170
7 Min. Turning radius (mm):6250
8 Engine:4G69S4N
9 Fuel type: petrol
10 Displacement (ml):2378
11 Emission standard:China IV
12 Maximum power (kw):100
13 Torque (N.m): 200
14 Clutch: single plate, dry type, diaphragm spring
15 Transmission: mechanical type, 5MT
16 Front / rear overhang: 1190/1080(mm)
17 Front / rear wheel tread (mm):: 1655/1650
18 Brake system: Front disc rear drum brake
19 Max. speed (Km/h):160
20 Steering system: power-assisted steering
21 Tire:195R15C
B Standard configuration of chassis vehicle
1 Steel hub + hubcap
2 Leather steering wheel
3 Double airbags in driver's cab
5 Front and rear air conditioning and front heater
6 Parking sensor
7 Four speakers
8 Side door with step light
9 Front electric window
10 Remote control lock+ remote control lock
11 K1 New fabric seats
12 3 seats in driver's cab
13 Rear wiper + rear spray + rear defrost + rear mirror
14 Left sunshade (with ticket holder)
15 Right sun visor (with makeup mirror)
Ambulance 7
Parámetros de configuración de la ambulancia de la UCI
C Emergency Alarm System
1 Bar alarm light (LED eight kinds flashing light effect, volume adjustable 100W loud speaker, working current ≤10A,Output impedance≤8Ω,Working temperature -40°--+50°) 1
2 Blue snail alarm lights on the rear roof of vehicle 2
3 2 Blue Flashing LED alarm lights mounted on left and right side of vehicle 4
4 White exterior LED lighting mounted on the rear of both sides of the vehicle 2
D Air Conditioner and Heater
1 Vehicle-mounted air conditioner in patient's compartment 1
2 Heater in patient's compartment 1
E Power Supply and Lighting System
1 Adjustable brightness LED illumination lights in the roof of patient's compartment 6
2 12V time-lapse UV sterilizing lamp 1
3 LED Spotlight lights of rear door 1
4 1000W pure sine wave inverter 1
5 100Ah backup battery 1
6 IP6-level outside outlet 1
7 15m mobile cable 1
8 AC 220V outlets in patient's compartment 1
9 DC 12V outlets in patient's compartment 4
10 AC 220V power socket in driver's cab 1
11 Multi-function control panel,( 58808660,centralized control of the modified circuit system, can directly display the battery voltage, easy to operate. Improve the safety of the whole circuit system; easier to maintain and replace fuse) 1
F Patient's compartment
1 PVC material compartment wall mounted between driver's cab and patient's compartment , a glass window in wall to make observation 1
2 High polymer environmental protection flame retardant material interior roof 1
3 The floor is made of imported medical LG acid-proof, alkali-proof, fire-proof, skidproof and anti-static blue or red floor leather 1
4 Raised edge of patient's compartment, dust-proof, anti-skidding, washable 1
5 The walls, doors and roof are made of high polymer environmental protection and flame retardant materials 1
6 Interphone system between in driver's cab and patient compartment
7 Overturn doctor's seat with a safety belt behind the compartment wall 1
8 Triple drawer behind partition wall 1
9 Store cabinet for first-aid kit behind partition wall 1
10 Oxygen cylinder fixing cabinet at the right side of the patient's compartment 1
11 Medical equipment cabinet is in front of oxygen cabinet, and medical equipment cabinet which is made of high polymer environmental protection and flame retardant materials 1
12 Hanging cabinet with sliding window in right side of patient's compartment 1
13 PVC cabinet bench (suitable for 3 people) with safe belts, the seat cushion and the back of a chair are covered with leather, mounted in left side of Patient's compartment 1
14 Safety handrail on cabinet bench 2
15 Safety handrail on side door 1
16 Longitudinal oxygen supply range shall be installed in front of the right medical equipment cabinet, and 2 sets of German oxygen terminal interfaces and power sockets shall be installed in this range 1
17 The oxygen cabinet is equipped with fixed 10L oxygen cylinder. Oxygen flow,pressure valve and oxygen pipeline layout is reasonable. 2
18 Special oxygen inhaler (humidifier) 2
19 Sliding transfusion hanging bracket mounted in the roof of
Patient's compartment
20 Ventilation fan mounted in the interior roof of Patient's compartment 1
21 Antibacterial safety handrails are installed on the interior roof of Patient's compartment 1
22 Automatic self-lifting stretcher mounted to patient's compartment 1
23 Stainless steel guard at the bottom of the stretcher 1
24 Scoop stretcher 1
25 Black glass-film on the right side of Patient's compartment,
and 2/3 frosted film on the left side
26 Collision avoidance head restraint mounted in the middle door and tail door of Patient's compartment 1
27 Fixing strap for medical devices 1
28 Reflective strip and logo in vehicle body 1
29 Fire extinguisher 1
30 Stainless steel dirt tub 1
31 Strong blue or red reflective strip in waist of body 1
Ambulance 2
Dispositivos médicos ( opcional )
  1. Kit de primeros auxilios completo
  1. Monitor de paciente
  1. Monitor desfibrilador
  1. Unidad de succión
  2. Ventilador de emergencia y transporte
Video laringoscopio Tablero de columna Inmovilizador de cabeza
  1. Collar cervical Ambulance 02


Perfil de la compañía

Fundada en 2013, Zhengzhou Dongfeng Mid-South Enterprise Co., Ltd, se especializa en negocios de exportación internacional para vehículos comerciales y de pasajeros, maquinaria de construcción y agricultura, repuestos, etc.

Nuestros productos ( camión de carga, camión volquete, camión grúa, camión cisterna, minibús, camioneta, camioneta 4x4, vehículos de pasajeros ) se han exportado a Camboya, Filipinas, Tailandia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistán, Irán, Líbano, Arabia Saudita, Qatar, Irak, Omán, Yemen, Nigeria, Djibouti, Sudán, Congo, Zambia, Kenia, Ghana, Fiji, Cuba, Colombia, Uruguay, Bolivia, Dominica, Hati, Perú y así sucesivamente más de 60 países desde el establecimiento.

Además, nuestra empresa también vende vehículos comerciales, vehículos de pasajeros, maquinaria de ingeniería, maquinaria agrícola, repuestos.

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